This module focuses on the theme of free time and pastimes: sports, games, and hobbies. We will also discover a new use of the verb estar: talking about emotions, states, and conditions. Whether that makes you happy or anxious, at least you’ll be able to express these feelings. Meanwhile, we’ll be learning the present progressive tense— the verb tense for ongoing actions: “I am walking,” “I am dancing,” or “I am learning.”

The playlist for this module is challenging you to think about ongoing actions— and offering hints about how the present progressive tense is formed in Spanish.

Enrique Iglesias — Bailando (ft. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona)
Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (born 8 May 1975) is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor and record producer who is widely regarded as the King of Latin Pop. Descemer Bueno (born July 5, 1971) is a Cuban singer, songwriter, and record producer. Gente de Zona is a Cuban reggaeton band made up of musicians Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom.

GTA and Jenn Morel — Buscando
Jenn Morel is a Dominican singer and songwriter. (Interview with Morel) GTA (acronym of Good Times Ahead) are an electronic music duo from Miami consisting of house, electro house, trap and hip hop producers Julio Mejia (born December 8, 1990) and Matt Toth (born August 22, 1990).

Julieta Venegas — Algo está cambiando
Julieta Venegas Percevault is an American-born Mexican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer who sings pop-rock in Spanish.

El Langui — Trabajando en el barrio
El Langui is an actor, rapper, and disabilities activist from Madrid.

Orishas — Tumbando y dando
Orishas are a Cuban hip hop group from Havana, Cuba, founded in 1999. Los Orishas began as Cuban rap group Amenaza (“threat” or “menace” ) in the early 1990s. Led by Joel Pando, Amenaza became the first rap group to address the issue of racial identity in Cuban society.