In this section you will learn about professions and using the verb gustar + infinitives to describe what you like to do. By now you should have a lot of Spanish vocabulary under your belt but forgetting words is only human nature. Rather than instantly reverting back to English and asking your instructor “¿cómo se dice “teacher” en español?”, try using circumlocution to describe the word you forgot. Circumlocution is a strategy for describing or defining a concept instead of saying or writing the specific words. This is the best way to practice learning unknown vocabulary, as you would do if you were in a Spanish speaking country. Like in the example above, you could say “¿Cómo se dice una persona que enseña o trabaja en una escuela?” Try practicing circumlocution with the words you already know or play a game of taboo.


  • Use the vocabulary of professions and gustar + infinitive to express what people do and like to do