Describe the color of things

Vocabulario: descripciones

Biomuseo, Panamá

Play AudioLos colores

red Play Audiorojo
yellow Play Audioamarillo
blue Play Audioazul
green Play Audioverde
purple Play Audiomorado
orange Play Audioanaranjado
pink Play Audiorosado
white Play Audioblanco
black Play Audionegro
brown Play Audiomarrón
gray Play Audiogris
dark blue Play Audioazul oscuro
light blue Play Audioazul claro
light Play Audioclaro (clear or light)
dark Play Audiooscuro (dark)
Play Audiocolorido (colorful)
Play Audiodescolorido (colorless)
Play Audioopaco (dull, opaque)

Play AudioDescripciones

circular Play Audioredondo
square Play Audiocuadrado
oval Play Audioovalado
triangular Play Audiotriangular
spherical Play Audioesférico
smoothPlay Audioliso (smooth)
Play Audiosuave
hard Play Audioduro (hard)
long Play Audiolargo (long)
short Play Audiocorto
Play Audioplano (flat)
thin Play Audiodelgado
thick Play Audiogrueso
light Play Audioligero
heavy Play Audiopesado
small Play Audiopequeño
big Play Audiogrande
tall Play Audioalto
short Play Audiobajo

Play AudioAdjetivos indefinidos

Play Audioalgún, Play Audioalguno (some)
Play Audioningún, Play Audioninguno (none, not any)
Play Audiomucho (many, a lot of)
Play Audiocada (each)

Play AudioUn adverbio (muy) útil (a [very] useful adverb)

Play Audiomuy (very)