Solos y Juntos

The USC Fisher Museum of Art had an exhibit (linked below) called Alone And Together (Solos y Juntos). In the spirit of “Solos y Juntos,” this writing assignment has two parts.

Part 1: Choose one of the images in the Solos part of the show and imagine the person introducing themselves to the viewer. What would they say? What questions might they ask of the viewer? Try to use the verb ser at least four times, in at least two different conjugations. Remember that you have learned to use ser:

  • to describe something/someone
  • to identify someone/something
  • to ask or say where someone is from
  • To ask and say your profession

Part 2: Choose one of the images in the Juntos part of the show (the second half of the slideshow) and imagine the conversation between the people depicted. What might they say to each other? Would they use formal or informal forms?

Click here to visit the online exhibit at

Part 3: Listen and respond: