woman alone in a restaurantNow that you know how to say the date, you could arrange with your friends to meet at a restaurant on Tuesday the 3rd. It’s unlikely you’d be eating together, though. For that, we need to learn to tell the time!

Before that, though, we’ll have to learn the numbers up to 100 (well, 60 really, but we’ll throw in a bonus 40).

Telling time in Spanish is relatively straightforward, but there are some tricky bits. One tip: make sure you pay attention to the conjugation of the verb ser: “It is two-twenty” becomes “Son las dos y veinte” (because hours are plural).

It takes some practice, but as they say, “No se ganó Zamora en una hora” (Zamora wasn’t won in an hour– here’s why).


After this section, you will be able to…

Use numbers and time-related vocabulary to describe activities on various days and times