Identify objects in the classroom

Play AudioVocabulario

Play AudioEn la mochila del estudiante (in the student’s backpack)

1.Play Audiola mochila (backpack)

2. Play Audioel diccionario (dictionary)

3. Play Audiola computadora (computer)

4. Play Audiola calculadora (calculator)

5. Play Audioel teléfono (telephone)

6. Play Audioel libro (book)

7. Play Audioel marcador (marker)

8. Play Audioel cuaderno (notebook)

9. Play Audioel bolígrafo / la pluma (pen)

10. Play Audioel lápiz (pencil)

11. Play Audiola carpeta (folder)

12. Play Audioel papel (paper), la hoja de papel (piece of paper)

Play Audioel escritorio (desk)

Play AudioEn la clase (in the class)

1. Play Audiola pared (wall)

2. Play Audioel estudiante (student, m)

3. Play Audiola estudiante (student, f)

4. Play Audioel reloj (clock)

5. Play Audioel proyector (projector)

6. Play Audiola mesa (table)

7. Play Audioel pupitre (desk)

8. Play Audiola cortina (curtain)

9. Play Audiola ventana (window)

10. Play Audioel profesor, Play Audiola profesora (professor, m, f)

En el salón de clase (in the classroom)

1. Play Audiola luz (light)

2. Play Audioel mapa (map)

3. Play Audiola pizarra (chalkboard)

5. Play Audiola puerta (door)

6. Play Audiola silla (chair)

(not in picture)Play Audiola basura (trash)

Una palabra utíl (a useful word):

hay (there is / there are; hay is an invariable verb that is only used to talk about the existence or presence, or the quantity of things.)