• Describe things using the correct position, gender and number of adjectives
  • Describe the color of things
  • Identify things based on spoken descriptions

(Note: The activities on this page are designed to promote active communication in Spanish. In an online course, your instructor may ask you to complete the activities using a separate tool, such as video/voice recording or web-conferencing software. Even if the activities are not assigned as coursework, they can be used for individual practice and review.)

Photograph of ripe tomatoes at the store

los tomates

Photo of oranges at the store

las naranjas

A. Icon of one person Colores.

Haz una lista de los diferentes colores que corresponden a las siguientes palabras (List different colors that correspond with the following words):

  1. El café
  2. El chocolate
  3. El elefante
  4. El tomate
  5. La naranja (¡Ojo!)
  6. Tu mochila
  7. Tu cuaderno
  8. Tu bolígrafo

B. Icon of two people ¿De qué color es?

Mira tu sala de clase y pregunta a tu compañero de qué colores son diferentes objetos (Look at your classroom and ask your partner what color different objects are).

Estudiante 1: ¿De qué color es la pizarra?
Estudiante 2: La pizarra es verde.

C. Icon of puzzle pieces Info-gap: ¿De qué color es?

Cada compañero pulsa sobre el enlace apropiado para mirar un imagen en color y otro sin colores. Toma turnos preguntando de qué color son los objetos en el imagen de tu compañero (Each partner clicks on the appropriate link to see one image in color and another without colors. Take turns asking what color the objects are in your partner’s image).

Click on the images for larger versions.