Digital Fundamentals for Teaching and Learning

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Self-paced via Blackboard

Instructor: Tom Cantu and Michele Knight

Blackboard and other Learning Management Systems are essential communication, information, assessment, and design tools to support learning and student success. The Digital Fundamentals for Teaching and Learning course assists those who educate students in developing the skills necessary to use Blackboard effectively in a remote teaching environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply Blackboard tools to establish an active online presence
  • Adapt your course for Digital Teaching in alignment with best practices for the discipline
  • Using Blackboard tools to evaluate student learning while considering alternative assessment techniques
  • Utilize appropriate video conferencing software to promote student engagement
  • Explore multimedia technology for use in the digital classroom

Series Elements

Completing the Digital Fundamentals for Teaching and Learning course will take approximately four weeks. The course contains four interactive modules: (1) Blackboard foundations, (2) communication with students using Blackboard, (3) assessment of student performance using Blackboard, and (4) development and usage of multimedia for Blackboard. Upon completing the course, participants will create a working Blackboard teaching site highlighting instructor presence, multimedia elements to promote student engagement, and other elements taught throughout the course.

Please be advised that this course is required for all full and part-time instructors at MC. Registration for this course is ongoing, and course admission is on a rolling basis.

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