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The Valuable Employee Learning Pathway FY24

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You want to be a contributing, engaged employee at Montgomery College who is valued by your supervisor and others. Learn many of the characteristics and skills needed for yourself and to work with others that are valuable through this learning pathway,* offered completely online.

Learning Pathway classes required to earn a certificate:

Improving Personal Skills

  • Balancing Priorities
  • Make Yourself Indispensable
  • Taking Initiative
  • Time Management

Improving Interpersonal Skills

        • Art of Influencing Others
        • Assertiveness Skills
        • Developing Positive Relationships at Work 1
        • Listening with Intent
        • Managing Up
        • Skillful Collaboration

1 Also fulfills Communication and Conflict LP

To register, click on “Topics” and select “Career and Personal Development.” You can filter these classes by choosing “Digital Course” in “Type.” To earn the certificate, you must complete and submit a learning outcome form for each class. This form is available as Lesson Two for each class.

Bonus Certificate



In addition to earning a Learning Pathway certificate of learning by completing all the listed classes, you can earn a second certificate by attending “Getting Things Done,” a three 3-hour online class:

September 26-28: 1:30-4:45 p.m.
February 12-14: 8:45-noon

*A learning pathway is a series of identified classes that provides you with an in-depth exploration of a skill area. When completed, a certificate of learning is awarded to acknowledge your commitment to pursue the study and practice of a specialized area of professional development. Participation is paced to provide time to reflect upon your learning and integrate concepts and skills into your life and work.

The Valuable Employee Learning Pathway Class Overview:

The Valuable Employee


Brief Class Description

Art of Influencing Others

Identify the principles of influence and persuasion and ways to tailor your communication style to increase your influence with others. Recognize the skills needed to build rapport and develop genuine relationships.

Assertiveness Skills

Identify personal blocks to assertiveness and overcome them by using assertive language and behaviors while avoiding language and behaviors that are passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive behaviors.

Balancing Priorities

Properly prioritize your obligations, allowing you to improve performance and productivity. Achieve a better work/life balance and minimize the stress related to managing your tasks efficiently.

Developing Positive Relationships at Work

Base work relationships on a common purpose and demonstrate actions that build trust and not erode it. Implement strategies to improve or survive relationships by setting boundaries and standing your ground.

Listening with Intent

Recognize common situations and personal filters that block active listening and identify ways to practice active listening in a conflict. Implement steps to regain the listener’s attention when it has drifted away.

Make Yourself Indispensable

Adapt to situational changes at work. Thrive under pressure and expand your career opportunities by taking initiative, effectively resolving problems, sharing your knowledge, and being a positive influence in the workplace.

Managing Up

Your success depends not just on how well you do your job, but also on how well your supervisor does his or her. Collaborate to meet deadlines, accomplish goals, and fulfill expectations. Encounter less conflict, and make a positive impression on your supervisor, forging a successful relationship.

Skillful Collaboration

Successful collaboration involves far more than working side-by-side. Establish and communicate expectations to group members and implement appropriate communication strategies. Recognize the inward attitudes and outward behaviors necessary to collaborate well.

Taking Initiative

Act instead of react. Complete tasks without being told, spot opportunities and seize them, and persist in the face of obstacles. Gain experience and knowledge that may propel job growth.

Time Management

Increase personal effectiveness by using style-appropriate techniques. Designate your priorities and learn to interact effectively with people and manage interruptions. Clear existing clutter and manage incoming paper.

Bonus Certificate: Getting Things Done

You cannot change the amount of stuff coming into your life, but you can change how you engage with that stuff. Gain greater control over your work, find more focus on each task and feel less stress with GTD habits.


hands up imageWhen you complete a learning pathway, register in Workday for the Learning Pathway Certificate of Learning to obtain a form that you submit. When approved, you will receive your Certificate of Learning. Make a commitment to your professional development.


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