Customer Service – FY24


Whether engaging with internal or external MC customers, excellent and effective service is expected. Providing service that brings value to the college and increases satisfaction in our jobs requires kindness, patience to work with complex demands, accurate information, and valuable communication skills. This pathway strengthens the ability to provide tactful service in a multi-lingual and diverse environment and helps you understand the services offered in other departments.


Learning Pathway classes required to earn a certificate:


  • Becoming Conflict Competent
  • Extraordinary Customer Service
  • Mindset for Wellness1

External Relations:

  • Coaching for Great Customer Service
  • Working with Difficult People3 not offered in fy24
  • Effective Communications Across Cultures

MC Internal Customer Service Providers:

  • Community Engagement
  • Raptor Central
  • Workforce Development & Continuing Education

Multilingual Environment:

  • Bridging Multiple Languages, Accents, and Tones
  • Building Your Basic Spanish or Amharic Skills
  • Practicing Customer Service in Spanish

1 Also in Equity and Inclusion LP 2 Also in Management LP 3 Also in Communication and Conflict LP 4 Also in Effective Committees LP

The pathway classes are available to all employees through MC Learns as individual classes as well. If you are interested in achieving the certificate, the table below will help you plan your schedule. Not all classes are offered yearly; it is at least a two-year plan.

Classes Scheduled for FY24:

Class name

Class Length and Format

Class Date(s) and Time

Mindset for Wellness



September 20, November 15

8:45 am-noon

Raptor Central Experience



January 9

Becoming Conflict Competent



February 12

Building Your Basic Amharic Skills

1.5 hours


June 5 – 1:00 – 2:30

June 6 – 1:00 – 2:30

Classes not listed will be offered in FY25

*A learning pathway is a series of identified classes that provides you with an in-depth exploration of a specific topic. When completed, a certificate of learning is awarded.

Customer Service Classes

Brief Class Description*


Becoming Conflict Competent
Facilitator: Nathalie Thompson

Learn about sources of conflict and conflict resolution strategies. Using the Conflict Dynamics profile explore your current and desired ability to respond to conflict and engage in activities to develop your conflict-responding skills and abilities.

Bridging Multiple Languages, Accents, and Tones
Facilitator: Karla Silvestre

Explore ways to overcome cultural and language barriers by practicing cross-cultural communication skills to interact effectively with people who are non-native English speakers.

Building Your Basic Spanish/Amharic Skills
Facilitators: MC staff

Feel confident in using basic Spanish/Amharic for listening and speaking at MC. This class extends your ability to address frequently asked questions, make referrals, and recognize the need for translated materials.

Coaching for Great Customer Service
Facilitator: TBA

Seasoned colleagues, and superb supervisors, model, teach and reward excellent customer service on a daily basis to ensure front-line staff provide up-to-date information, stay calm, work as a team, and avoid job burnout.

Community Engagement
Facilitator: Department Staff

Understand the resources and skills offered by MC’s Community Engagement team in order to make appropriate referrals and support MC’s outreach to diverse populations.

Mindset for Wellness – Group Coaching
Facilitators: Nathalie Thompson

Human communications can be tough emotional labor. Learn to manage stress, recognize internalized negativity, and enhance wellness and productivity through mindfulness insights and techniques. Each session will have a predefined theme from which participants will be able to gain insight into their own issues through group coaching sessions

Practicing Customer Service in Spanish
Facilitators: MC staff

Practice typical client interactions at MC. Build your comprehension and ability to use Spanish confidently at work. Identify any need for additional language skills, translated materials, or managerial/supervisor support and teamwork.

Raptor Central Experience
Facilitators: Department Staff

Engage with Raptor Central to learn about the services of this front-line student department and contribute to improving student engagement effectiveness at MC. Use the Q&A session to raise and resolve current issues, deepen relationships, and increase your awareness of Raptor Central.

WDCE Experience
Facilitators: Department Staff

Learn about the available non-credit courses, certificates, and professional training options, as well as the grants, funding, and support services for students and families.


Welcome Centers
Facilitators: Department Staff

Learn how the Centers handle walk-in customers who are prospective and current students, families, and campus or community visitors. Discuss when, how, and why they refer people to various units and how to collaborate smoothly across the College.

Working with Difficult People
Facilitator: James Boyle

Examine types of difficult situations and explore strategies for dealing with people to attain a successful outcome.


When you complete a learning pathway, register in Workday for the Learning Pathway Certificate of Learning to obtain a form that you submit. When approved, you will receive your Certificate of Learning. Make a commitment to your professional development.



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