Global Leadership Cohort

Global Leadership

The GLC aims to develop competencies to work effectively in culturally dynamic organizations comprised of diverse teams, individuals and systems. The ability to lead and realize desired changes, motivate, resolve differences and coach others to greater performance and development are characteristics of today’s global leader.

The GLC draws from valuable research, theory, and diagnostic tools from world re-known experts in the field of leadership, organizational behavior, and culture. Classes are aimed at developing the knowledge and abilities to lead in organizations where cultural diversity (i.e., national, regional, ethnic, gender, generational, disciplinary) is high and the competing interests of people and organizational demands are complex enough that they are not resolved with traditional or ‘one best solution’ approaches.

Classes are a combination of in-person and Zoom sessions, and include assigned readings and assessments with regular feedback, dialogue and activities for reflection and testing of knowledge.

Admission to the cohort requires supervisory approval and is open to all MC employees—faculty, staff. The final class is for Project Presentations and a graduation ceremony.

The application deadline is October 27, 2023.

Global Leadership Cohort – FY24

Date Class
October 31 (full-day) Intercultural Competency Foundations
November 14 (half day) Teams – Diversity and Sustainability
December 12 (half-day) Values to Behaviors – Workshop
February 6 (half day) Cross-Cultural Communications and Decision-Making
February 13 (half day) Servant Leadership – Case studies
March 5 (full-day) Organizational Culture and Change
April 9 (full-day) Leadership and Coaching
April 30 (half-day) Leading Meetings and Hybrid Teams
May 14 or 15 (half-day) Synthesizing Workshops
May 21 (full-day) Make-up day for the canceled class
June 11 (full-day) Project Presentations – Graduation


For more information, contact Richard Forrest, Training and Development Coordinator. Use MC LEARNS to apply and register. Most classes occur on a Thursday and Friday, 8:45 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

** Please register in MC Learns in Workday to obtain an application.


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