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ELITE After Dark LogoThe Office of E-Learning, Innovation, and Teaching Excellence is excited to offer “ELITE After Dark” workshops once again– a series of professional development programs meticulously crafted to accommodate your demanding schedule.

Now offering some of ELITE’s most popular workshops on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month between 5:00-9:00 pm.


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Monday, September 11, 2023, 7:00-9:00 pm

Yuja Basics

Presenter(s): Michele Knight

Are you tired of using your personal YouTube account to upload videos for your students? Would you like to eliminate the commercials that appear in the videos you have uploaded to YouTube by transferring them to another source? Have you been waiting for a college-sponsored resource for uploading videos? Are you looking for a resource that makes generating and modifying video transcripts easy to make your videos more accessible? Would you like to make minor edits, such as cutting video or merging clips, but you lack video editing software on your computer?

YuJa is a college-sponsored resource for uploading video content that takes care of these issues. YuJa allows you to upload videos without using your personal YouTube account while providing a similar value in creating auto-captions with the ability to edit those captions. YuJa is a resource for uploading a video that is commercial-free, college sanctioned, and the software provides a simple interface for editing videos.

Divided into a two-part series of training, after Part 1 of the YuJa Training, you will review the steps to:

    • Log onto YuJa
    • Upload a video onto YuJa
    • Organize YuJa Videos
    • Link to YuJa Videos in Blackboard
    • Embed YuJa Videos in Blackboard
    • Upload a YouTube Video to YuJa
    • Add Quiz questions to a YuJa video and score in the Grade Center
    • Share Media with Another User

Please note that if you are interested in learning additional advanced YuJa Features, we will offer an advanced training titled YuJa Video Advanced: Adding Captions, Editing Video, and Viewing Analytics during April and May. This advanced training will cover editing YuJa Captions, Editing videos using YuJa’s built-in video editor, and YuJa video analytics.

The currently listed training, YuJa Video Basics: A College Sponsored Resource to Upload Videos for Your Students, is a prerequisite for this training.

While this training will cover the needs of faculty sharing instructional materials with their students, this training will also be helpful for MC staff who need to present or share video content. If you are an MC Staff and would like to learn more about YuJa, you are welcome to attend.

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Introduction to Social Annotation with Hypothesis

Presenter(s): Gloria Barron

In this workshop, we will share how instructors are using annotation-powered reading to help students develop foundational academic skills like deep reading and persuasive writing. In addition to sharing pedagogical best practices for social annotation, we will demonstrate how Hypothesis is used with course readings in Blackboard. Participants will gain a clear understanding of how to start incorporating social annotation into their courses to improve student outcomes.

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Effective Uses of Instructional Media

Presenter(s): Laurent Ndeze

One of the key tasks in designing a course or lesson is the selection or preparation of media that support the intended learning outcomes. Instructional media are “…the audio and visual techniques used to present words and illustrations” (Clark and Mayer, 2003, p. 54). Clark and Mayer also state that “Multimedia presentations encourage learners to engage in active learning by mentally representing the material in words and in pictures and mentally making connections between the pictorial and verbal representations.” There are many reasons for including media in instructional material, such as clarifying abstract content which may be too difficult to explain in words only; summarizing large content; and encouraging emotional response among learners.

In this workshop, we will examine different types of media including multimodal assignments and feedback, and their effect on learners’ motivation. We will also discuss tips for effectively using media, avoiding pitfalls, and how to involve students in creating media.

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MS Forms for Excel: Tips & Tricks

Presenter(s): Anna Donohoe

This workshop will give an overview of Microsoft Forms and introduce tips and tricks to help you use this powerful tool more efficiently in conjunction with Excel. We will cover how to create, customize and share Forms, as well as highlight specific tips to help structure Forms for streamlined results analysis in Excel. All levels of Forms users are welcome in this workshop.

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Writing Effective Multiple-choice Questions

Presenter(s): Philip Bonner

Writing effective multiple-choice questions is an art and a science. These types of questions abound in college classrooms, yet are they all good examples?  What makes a good stem? What’s the difference between a correct option and a best option multiple-choice question?  What makes a plausible distractor? Come to this one-hour class to explore these and other questions about multiple-choice questions.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 6:30-7:30 pm

Making Your Mark: Personal Branding on Social Media

Presenter(s): Dr. Michael Mills

In this 1-hour workshop, faculty and staff will leave with practical tips and tools to create a strong personal brand on social media. The workshop will cover the basics of personal branding, how to identify and target your audience, and how to develop a content strategy that aligns with your personal brand.

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Microsoft Bookings: Easy Office Hours and More

Presenter(s): Megan Calvert

Free to Montgomery College faculty and staff through Microsoft 365, Bookings is an online application that provides an easy way for you to allow others to book time with you based on your calendar availability and the hours you set. In this workshop, we will briefly discuss the concept of Bookings and when it can be valuable to use before going through the process of setting up a page step-by-step. Participants should be ready to log in to their Microsoft 365 accounts via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.). If possible, we strongly encourage participants to join from a device with two screens, side-by-side so that you can view the instructor’s demonstration on one screen while you work on your own Bookings page on the other. Visit the Microsoft Essentials website’s new window for more information on alternative set-ups that will allow you to fully participate in our hands-on workshops.

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Creating College-Level Learners

Presenter(s): Tom Cantu

This session will present strategies for developing students’ college-level learning skills ranging from ensuring that students are connected to the professor and their fellow students, monitoring student progress, and teaching students to improve their skills at time management, reading and notetaking, studying, and preparing for exams so they can thrive at MC and in 300-400 level courses at a transfer institution. Participants will have opportunities to share their own tips.

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