32 What My Life Once Was – Kaci Sullivan

Author: Kaci Sullivan, Pima Community College

As I look back at what my life once was,
I realize that we are no longer the same.
I sit here and look at you,
And think “What has my life become?”

My smile is no longer bright,
My eyes have become dull.
My bracelets no longer fit,
And my pant size is now zero.

Everyone tells me I look good,
But why don’t I feel good?
They just can’t see,
What I can feel.

Who is that girl in the mirror?
She’s not the same one I see in the pictures on my phone.
Who is that girl in the mirror?
She’s the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The silence in my mind is deafening,
The pain in my heart is deadly.
The tears rolling down my face,
Cannot show the pain that I feel within.

My mind is foggy,
My life is in a constant blur.
What happened to the little girl,
That everyone used to love?

My body is now as sick as my mind,
The pain I’m living with can now be shown on my skin.
Is it really living,
If you feel like you’re dying?

My favorite quote “Let it hurt then let it go”,
Has been with me all throughout.
I’ve let it hurt,
But now I can’t let it go.


UN SDG Goal 16: Student Work Copyright © by Students in Maryland, Arizona and British Columbia. All Rights Reserved.

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