26 Open Letter to the EU – Rramon Isaku

Author: Rramon Isaku, Pima Community College

Dear Mrs. Merkel, Government of the EU, and all Member States of the EU,

Thirty years ago, a war broke out in Yugoslavia. Many people had to flee, leaving behind their belongings and their old lives. Including my parents. They had to start a new life in a new country even without speaking the language. Fortunately, they got the possibility of an asylum from Switzerland, which saved their lives as well as mine. This help has enabled me to write this letter to you today and to emphasize the need for your support.

After the fall of the Taliban 25 years ago, they reentered Afghanistan a few weeks ago and took control of the country. Millions of people must again fear for their lives. A refugee crisis like the one in 2015 is looming, but this time you must be prepared. But how?

After the change of the EU’s asylum policy in recent years, new ideas are needed. Individual agreements like the one with Turkey or the accelerated asylum procedure at Europe’s external borders are not enough. It is time to act and not to react. It is important that all countries now get together and look for solutions. Each country must determine, based on their capacities, how they can help the refugees and how many they can take in.

It breaks my heart to see images of helpless Afghans in desperation and hope to be rescued. Everywhere, the images of children being separated from their parents are present. People are helplessly trying to storm the airport of Kabul to preserve their freedom and safety with the last planes. The Taliban have no mercy and will lead the country based on their ideology, where there is no room for many people and genders.

Do you want to be partly responsible for the death of millions of people and the separation of families?

I ask you to act as soon as possible to change the situation of innocent people. I know that capacities are limited, but the major powers must serve as a rescue and act as a unit. The reception of the refugees must take place immediately to avoid more deaths. Just as Switzerland helped my family in a hopeless situation, others are now in need of help, without which they will die.


Rramon Isaku


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