2 Summary Statistics: Five Number Summary, Standard Deviation, etc.

Descriptive Statistics


One Variable Statisticsnew window

Calculate one variable summary statistics for raw data or
data presented in a frequency table.

One Variable Statistics

Calculator Screenshot showing calculation for data frequency table. For raw data, only the first column will show.

Weighted Mean and Expected Value Calculatornew window

Calculate weighted means from supplied data. For expected value, ensure the probabilities sum to 1.

Weighted Mean Calculator

2. DESMOS: Summary Statistics

Enter your raw data values as a comma separated list inside square brackets. Give the list a name so that the list can be referenced later for calculations.

L= [25,36,45,25,-6,25,48]

Desmos General Statistical Functionsnew window

Finding a 5-Number Summary using Desmos

Calculator Screenshot

Summary Statistics

3. LibreTEXT Calculators
One Variable Statistics Calculatornew window

Enter data values in the text entry box. Separate values with commas. See screenshot below:

LibreText Online Calculator - One Variable Statistics

Descriptive Statistics for One Quantitative Variablenew window

On the main StatKey page, click on One Quantitative Variable under Descriptive Statistics and Graphs.

Enter your data by clicking on EDIT DATA button.

Descriptive Statistics for One Quantitative Variable

5. Ti 83/84+
One-Variable Statistics

Entering Data and 1-Variable Statistics (TI-84 & TI-83)

Boxplot and Five-Number Summary (TI-83 & TI-84)


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