4 Probability Distribution Calculators

Normal and Student-t distributions


Probability Distributions (Z, t)new window

Calculate cdf and inverse for Normal and
Student-t distributions. For entered values, the results displayed are from Desmos.
Desmos input entries are also displayed to help you use Desmos Graphing Calculatornew window directly if you wish.

Calculator Screenshot

Probability Distributions (Z, t)


CDF and InverseCDF

On the StatKey Home Pagenew window main page, select either Normal or t for Theoretical Distributions row.

For normal distribution, you can change the mean and the standard deviation values by clicking on [ Edit Parameters ] button.

For Student-t, enter degrees of freedom (df), which you can change later as needed by clicking on [ Edit Parameters ] button.

Select Left Tail, Right Tail, or Two Tail and enter either an area/proportion/probability or values (x or z). Results will automatically be shown.

Screenshot showing Normal distribution example with two tails.

Normal and Student-t Distributions

3. Ti 83/84+

Normal Dist Tail Areas on TI-83 & TI-84 Plus

Inverse Normal Distribution Calculations for TI-83 & TI-84


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