Academic Module 3: Giving Academic Presentations

18 Academic Presentations: Working Individually, With A Partner, And In Groups

As a student, you may or may not be used to working with one or more other students on a short assignment or a larger project in a course. In many academic cultures around the world, students are expected to work in teams to complete complex, multi-step assignments together, and in doing so, they build skills that then often transfer to the workplace as well. In fact, working with others is a skill that you need in your daily life, whether it is for personal reasons, or academic and professional ones. The strategies that you may use to work with others in one setting can be used to work as a team or a group in another.

However, working with others on a common task can also be challenging. Can you think of some challenges that students may face when they work with a partner or in a group? What might be some solutions for these challenges?


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