Introducing Montgomery College Pressbooks

Welcome to Montgomery College Pressbooks!  Pressbooks isn’t just a textbook-creator.  You can mash up open resources such as videos, animations, illustrations, activities, and text into a format that is easy to navigate and share.

While the layout is a traditional textbook, through creative linking, the textbook experience does not have to be traditional.  Some examples of what you can do with Pressbooks:

  • Textbooks
  • Picture books
  • Collection of activities
  • Storytelling books
  • Choose-your-own-adventure books
  • Other

Engage students in creating, curating, and publishing open resources using Pressbooks. For example:

  • Students as authors
  • Collaborative documentation

Through Pressbooks, users can adapt, adopt and create open educational resources  to revise, remix, retain, reuse, and redistribute content.

It’s time to get creative.  With Pressbooks, take your textbooks beyond simple text and create a world of open digital possibilities.

Montgomery College Pressbooks, under the MC Open initiative, facilitates the creation and sharing of high-quality ebooks both for publication and classroom use. PressbooksEDU is used by a variety of institutions across the world to make knowledge accessible beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom. Publications shared oare not only available openly online, but can also be exported in multiple formats for use as ebooks or for print-on-demand.


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