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Montgomery College Pressbooks Guide  book cover

Montgomery College Pressbooks Guide

CC BY (Attribution)   English


Last updated: 07/12/2022

This Guide is meant to be the handbook for using Pressbooks effectively to produce books. Pressbooks is a simple tool, but it’s powerful too, and harnessing that power requires some learning.

This Guide should cover the basics of Pressbooks, including how to quickly get a book into Pressbooks and out the other end as a beautifully designed PDF (for print) or ebook (MOBI for Kindle, or EPUB for Apple, Kobo, Nook and others).

You will also find here resources for various features or special formatting, including how to place images, create footnotes, or put in pullquotes.

¡Todos unidos! book cover

¡Todos unidos!

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)  62 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Language teaching and learning

Institution(s): Montgomery College

Last updated: 01/12/2022

Montgomery College (MC) adopted and adapted the Lumen Spanish I open educational resource for its introductory Spanish I courses. Each unit incorporates vocabulary and grammatical structures that beginning language learners need as they start to communicate in Spanish, as well as practice exercises, communicative activities, and embedded audio. MC faculty have developed self-graded exercises at the end of each unit, which have been incorporated into the Pressbooks, to assess student learning and understanding.

Health Assessment Guide for Nurses book cover

Health Assessment Guide for Nurses

CC BY (Attribution)  86 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Nursing

Last updated: 22/09/2022

UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Fellowship book cover

UN Sustainable Development Goals Open Pedagogy Fellowship

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Publisher: Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Last updated: 13/09/2022

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Open Pedagogy Fellowship Toolkit is meant as a resource for both instructors and institutions. Within this resource, readers will find examples of a wide variety of openly-licensed renewable assignments that can be assigned and applied to a variety of subject areas and disciplines. Of course, each assignment speaks directly to at least one UN SDG. Beyond that, this resource also serves as a guide for institutions who wish to adopt and adapt this program by bringing it to their home institution.

UN SDG Goal 16: Student Work book cover

UN SDG Goal 16: Student Work

All Rights Reserved   English

Last updated: 02/05/2022

Support for Elementary Statistics book cover

Support for Elementary Statistics

CC BY (Attribution)  65 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Probability and statistics

Last updated: 22/04/2022

Statistics Calculators book cover

Statistics Calculators

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Subject(s): Probability and statistics

Last updated: 05/04/2022

Demystifying Academic English book cover

Demystifying Academic English

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Last updated: 10/03/2022

A Guide to Understanding Open Educational Resources book cover

A Guide to Understanding Open Educational Resources

CC BY (Attribution)  5 H5P Activities    English

Subject(s): Open learning, distance education

Publisher: Iowa State University Digital Press

Last updated: 30/08/2021

This starter kit has been created to provide instructors with an introduction to the use and creation of open educational resources (OER). The text is broken into five sections: Getting Started, Copyright, Finding OER, Teaching with OER, and Creating OER. Each chapter is accompanied with learning objectives and most chapters feature interactive elements and opportunities for readers to engage with the text. Although some chapters contain more advanced content, the starter kit is primarily intended for users who are entirely new to Open Education.