¿Qué hacen los estudiantes?

The link below shows typical activities that the students do every Wednesday on campus. Follow the steps below and write 60-100 words using what you have learned in unidad 2.

Paso 1: Take a virtual tour of the centro estudiantil below. (https://s3.amazonaws.com/sinaloa360/itesm/index.html) Write down 8 -ar verbs you see in the pictures.

Paso 2: In a logical manner, describe what the students do every Wednesday with the verbs you found in Paso 1. Be sure to provide names for the students and any descriptions with ser.

Paso 3: Edit your paragraph:

  1. Is your paragraph logically organized or do you skip from one idea to the next?
  2. Do your -ar verbs/ser agree with the subject?
  3. Do your adjectives agree with the object/person they describe?
  4. Did you write 60-100 words?