H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Techniques of Physical Examination ExerciseImage Pair
2primary versus secondary sources of dataMultiple Choice
3Nurse_patient Interview_poor techniquesInteractive Video
4Communication Techniques_poor_exercisesEssay
5Vital signs and pain H5P #1Multiple Choice
6Vital signs and pain H5P #2Fill in the Blanks
7Vital signs and pain H5P #3Multiple Choice
8Vital signs and pain H5P #4Multiple Choice
9Vital signs and pain H5P #5Multiple Choice
10Documentation H5P #1Multiple Choice
11Documentation H5P #2Multiple Choice
12Documentation H5P #3Multiple Choice
13Mental Health H5P 1Drag Text
14Mental Health H5P 2Drag Text
15Mental Health H5P 3Multiple Choice
16Metal Health h5P 4Multiple Choice
17SleepMultiple Choice
18Sleep -2Multiple Choice
19Sleep -3Drag Text
20Sleep -4Essay
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